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Design, high quality shape and process are decisive for the success. These lines incorporating registered patents, design and process are delivering new trends for marketing and allowing preserving large market slices in several world regions.

Products ready for marketing or licensing are feasible for those products. Even molds tools and special raw materials would be possible for different market producers.



These models may incorporate foam to the rigid plastic base or special molded cushion producing an original inclinable armchair, which may be used inside or outside for residential, commercial uses or even schools and libraries.Very high production and competitive costs may transform this product in a new icon.


Design Notes

The basic characteristic of this line is the transformation simplicity in ways without incurring in investments losses. By this path the maintenance of updated lines and incorporation of people new gestures and habits is obtained and means of markets increasing are incorporated.

Lines of initial models will be marketed according to standards and in a second phase tailor made models will be possible for the public at the large stores.

Principles of large distribution are incorporated to these projects philosophy from basic design to packing, assembling and transporting.



Furniture models for office can contain pivoting drawers for suspended folders, common drawers and safety sections. Wardrobes can enclose typical accessories for home use.

The models include universal hinges and handles, semi transparent doors, and rubber or plastic protections for the support feet.

The use of colors and shines are limitless as well as textures. Columns of anodized aluminum may be in colors.

The shelves are leaning on sliding pins on the columns and have adjustments to small intervals.

The simple employ of textures or shapes can induce to the "avant-garde" of the classic design or modern contemporary, or futurist, without changing the base of the product.

Colors involving superior shine and transparencies combine the avant-garde with more formal atmospheres, and comprise the practicability of the models with high class.

By effect of the manufacture materials this furniture is extremely silent in use, contrarily to the wood and steel models.
Models of four doors can be produced with components from models of one and two doors, optimizing the diversity of options.

Arranging colors and models can create surprising atmospheres leading to a discreet and cheerful modernity. The options in shapes, colors and textures stimulate the creativity for decoration in more advanced and refined patterns.
The plastics furniture catalogue is very large, and products can be designed for special lines.
The line is available for licensing or purchasing orders for products defined by scales. Some products are available in small scale, or large scale tailor made.


See at " - "SIMULATION" the furniture 3d interactive catalogue.

download the plug-in Viewpoint to handle 3D interactive catalogues


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